9 Facts on Elvis Presley’s Graceland

Elvis Presley

On March 25, 1957, Elvis Presley bought Graceland. Here are some interesting facts about The King’s famous home.

Sixty years prior this week, Elvis Presley obtained the sprawling property known as Graceland, which is currently a standout amongst the most prominent homes to visit in America. Because of his rising star status and his requirement for security, 22-year-old Elvis purchased the house in 1957, which is presently a National Historic Landmark.

Check out some of these interesting facts about the historic site.

Elvis Presley

1. Elvis paid $102,500 for Graceland — a likeness about $880,380 today.

2. At the point when Elvis obtained Graceland, the property was barely short of 14 sections of land and somewhat more than 10,000 square feet. Today the chateau involves more than 17,500 square feet.

3. Graceland has five arrangements of stairs.

4. Graceland is the second most went to home in the United States, with more than 700,000 guests to brag yearly. The first? The White House.

5. The first proprietors, The Moores, gave Graceland its name, which was out of appreciation for Mrs. Moore’s close relative, Grace Toof.

6. Other than Elvis’ affection for seared nutty spread and banana sandwiches, he demanded that there be jars of sauerkraut, new banana pudding, and Doublemint gum supplied in the kitchen at all circumstances.

7. Bruce Springsteen was one of numerous young fellows who trespassed onto Graceland with expectations of meeting The King. Tragically for him, Elvis wasn’t home at the season of Springsteen’s challenging (and illicit) act.

8. A part of Graceland’s upstairs territory is taboo to people in general. It was a private place where Elvis discovered comfort from the outside world.

9. Since endeavors were made to take Elvis’ body from his gravesite in Forest Hill Cemetery, he, alongside his mom Gladys, were reinterred at Graceland’s Meditation Garden in 1977.