Tony Romo Released: Dallas Cowboys To Cut Longtime Quarterback

Tony Romo Released: Dallas Cowboys To Cut Longtime Quarterback – Report
Tony Romo Released: Dallas Cowboys To Cut Longtime Quarterback – Report

So long, Tony Romo. Following 14-years with the Dallas Cowboys, the group is apparently going separate ways with their long-term quarterback. While it’s tragic that Tony will be unemployed, has the EXCLUSIVE scoop this is precisely what he needs!

After some consultation on regardless of whether to keep Tony Romo, 37, the Dallas Cowboys will apparently discharge him from his agreement on March 9, sources tell ESPN. The choice will free up a large number of dollars in the Cowboys’ compensation top, and permit Tony to sign with another group, on the off chance that he so wants. Getting let go is dependably a heartbreaker, yet Tony would preferably take a pink slip than end up in Cleveland.

“Tony Romo needs to be discharged from the Dallas Cowboys,” a source EXCLUSIVELY tells “Tony needs to play a couple of more years all alone terms and needs to script his own completion. Being discharged over being exchanged would permit him.”

“Being exchanged to a group like the [Cleveland] Browns would be viewed as a slap in the face,” the Romo source tells “Tony trusts [Cowboys proprietor and general manger] Jerry Jones offers him a discharge. He’d think it would be the proper thing to do.”

Tony’s accounted for discharge would bring down the shade on 14 years with the Cowboys, as the group’s unsurpassed pioneer in passing yards and touchdowns marked with Dallas in 2003 as an undrafted free operator. Tony wouldn’t toss a go in a NFL diversion until 2006, when he was picked to supplant Drew Bledsoe, 46, in an amusement against the Cowboys’ fiercest adversaries, the New York Giants. He would make his first begin in a matter of seconds a short time later, tossing for 270 yards in a 35-14 win over the Carolina Panthers.

He abandons an amazing legacy with the Cowboys: 34,183 passing yards, 248 touchdowns, and 46 300-yard passing recreations. He additionally has a NFL record, tossing a touchdown for 41-back to back street recreations. Be that as it may, Tony’s been known more for his wounds in late seasons.

In 2013, he experienced two back surgeries. He softened his left collarbone twice up 2015: first in a diversion against the Philadelphia Eagles, and by and by in his second amusement back in the wake of missing seven. Amid a 2016 preseason amusement against the Seattle Seahawks, he endured a pressure break in his back in the wake of landing clumsily in a handle. The fiasco was a surprisingly positive development, as it gave the ball to Dak, who appeared to restore the Cowboys as potential Super Bowl contenders.

The Cowboys are purportedly meeting with Josh McCown, 37, as a conceivable reinforcement for Dak. Josh has played for basically every group except the Cowboys, including the Arizona Cardinals, Miami Dolphins and Chicago Bears. Maybe Josh can put in a decent word for Tony with one of those groups?